Monday, March 3, 2008

"Monday, string beans"

So, Noah's latest "skill" that we've been working on is learning the days of the week. He's currently obsessed with Eric Carle's book "Today is Monday". There's a little song that goes along with the book that can instantly calm Noah down if he's in meltdown mode -- gotta love those! (I think it was originally a song and then Eric Carle added some illustrations.) Anyway, it's a cute book because it lists the days of the week and then some kind of food to go along with each day. It goes, " Monday, string beans, Tuesday, spaghetti, Wednesday, ZOOOP!, etc."
After the millionth time of reading this book to Noah I started thinking about our weekly dinner menu planning and realized that we're in a food rut and definitely need some help. I actually don't mind having the same dinner menu on a weekly basis... I get used to the recipes, I know Noah will eat what I make, and since we do online grocery shopping, it's a cinch to order groceries week after week (click, click and done!). However, I have to start changing it up every so often or it just becomes WAY too monotonous.

So, it's time for a new weekly dinner menu plan and I want some ideas! Please post your favorite family-friendly, budget-friendly, time-friendly, diet-friendly meals so I can get some ideas and I don't have to make up my own song.... "Monday, stir-fry, Tuesday, chili, Wednesday, fajitas..." etc.


Jade said...

hey girl - check out my blog for tons of recipes. I have lots of quick and easy soups. I'm posting a new soup tonight as well...Hope all is well!

Amy said...

We like sloppy joes, shepherd's pie, and french dip! Sloppy joes can be as easy as adding a can of Manwich to some ground beef/turkey or adding a sloppy joe seasoning packet to your meat. We get hoagie rolls and toast them in the oven with swiss cheese on them. Then we add sliced roast beef that has been marinating in au jus for a few minutes. Easy and delicious!!

By the way, I love Eric Carle books!