Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, part 2

Wow... I was just looking through my pictures from the weekend to post and it seems like we REALLY went all out for Easter this year! Noah had 5 Easter egg hunts... including his little treasure hunt that we did on Sunday morning to find his basket -- a HUGE hit! He's definitely an Easter-egg-hunting-pro now and is actually starting to expect "jewy beens" and "eastuw eggs" every day. On Wednesday, we had a little Easter party with our playgroup where we colored eggs and dressed up in bunny ears and then we headed up to gma and gpa's house for the weekend.

We went to yet another egg hunt at my mom's church and had a great time hanging out in the 'burbs. Noah is in LOVE with gpa's car ("hee-haw's caah") and would wait by the door every morning until we went out. It's amazing how much he's talking now and how hard it is to understand him at times, but we're loving the attempted communication and will take it over a tantrum anyday (not to say that those are over by any means, but they are definitely fewer and farther between!).
here are some pics from the weekend:

counting to 20 while waiting for the eggs to get colored

waiting to hunt eggs

(not shown: the baby gate holding them in the kitchen!)

gma s. and Noah
(teaching him some egg-hunting techniques)
I just thought this was cute :)

Sunday morning
(more excited about gpa and uncle c. pulling up in their car than the basket!)
mom and Noah

gotta love the tie!
parallel parking "hee-haw's caah"


Amy said...

Such a handsome kid! I can't wait until Sebastian can talk more. He's got a few words down, with more coming every day. It looks like you outdid yourselves this year. That must mean Easter is going to be even bigger next year!

snizzle said... haha HE ACTUALLY SAID MY NAME!! WOO HOO!!!