Sunday, April 6, 2008

Noah and "Wexi"

Noah had his first official "dinner-date" on Sunday. We had the Copes over for what has become our traditional semi-annual-post-General-Conference dinner. Now that there are 3 kids between the 2 families, it can be really hard to actually have some adult conversation at a dinner party. Between feeding the kids, referee-ing the sharing of toys, changing diapers, and answering the multitude of questions that seem to come up in the minds of pre-schoolers little heads while you're trying to have adult conversation -- the evening seems to be over before it even begins. But this time around things went really well.

Noah pretty much followed Lexi around the whole time and wanted to do whatever she was doing. This is definitely new for him. He usually tends to stick by mom or dad and requires us to do the entertaining. But they even went in Noah's room for awhile and played really nicely together -- it was fabulous! (I'm ready to hire Lexi as a babysitter.)

We set Noah and "Wexi" up at their own little table and Noah even allowed Ella to sit in his high chair (this was huge)!

He's definitely starting to realize that he's a big boy.

(no dating until you're 16!)


snizzle said...

That's right stud! If I had to wait, you do too!!

tawni said...

He is so big! Adorable and huge. How is everything over there??