Sunday, May 4, 2008

the terrible 2's

myth: the terrible 2's aren't real.

fact: the terrible 2's are VERY real.

Either someone has been slipping my kid crazy pills this past week, or he'll be 2 in 12 days and it couldn't be more apparent.

some recent observations:

1. I will be asking his Dr. for a hearing test because it seems that his hearing is rapidly deteriorating (i.e. that whole selective hearing thing is alive and well).

2. The answer to any of mommy's questions or suggestions is an automatic "NO!" (even if I told him we were going to eat ice cream while watching Mickey on a bus going to the sandbox!)

3. I've given more time-outs in the last week than I care to count.

4. It's suddenly cool to kick and scream at every diaper change and meal.

5. I've witnessed more manipulative moves from my soon-to-be-2-year-old in this past week than I did in the 2 years that I taught middle school!

I'd really just like to sneak a peek into that little brain of his and see what in the world is going on. If I could just understand what makes him tick, maybe I could come up with some better ways of handling it.

Help! I need some toddler parenting advice... how do you make it through the 2's???


Amy said...

I think that's the golden question! We're going through that too right now. Challenging times....yet we love them more than anything! Good luck!

Ellen said...

I was just talking to Scott about Sonja's hearing! How funny.
So these are things I've READ, not experienced. They are desperately trying to control their little world, obviously, and resent attempts to take that away. Is he too young to be given little choices like "Do you want to eat X or Y?" "Okay, Noah, do you want to take this toy or that toy in the bath with you?" rather than asking if he wants a bath? Maybe that's a tactic for older kids. You've probably tried all of it already and gotten nowhere. You could link everything to his current hero Ayden. "Do you want to eat beans like Ayden?" haha
I'm really sorry. I'd be curious if you have any good books on the subject, as Sonja is approaching that age also and starting to throw mini tantrums by going limp and laying down on the gross NY pavement because she can't follow cars into the street.

miggy said...

Yeah I'm still trying to make it through the ones. I like Ellen's advice and I think control is a BIG one...but I'm sure you knew that. That's all I've got! Good luck.

Eddie Bujans said...

How I deal with the terrible
2's: Every morning I pour whiskey into Aaron's milk, and that keeps him mellow for a few hours. In the afternoon, I give him a sleeping pill with his lunch. This gives me about 2 hours to take care of my business. When he wakes up, I tape his legs and arms together, so I can eat and study for my graduate classes. Ironically, he now brings me the tape and holds his arms out. That's my boy!
Before Heather arrives, the booze and pills are out of his system, and then she has to deal with his terrible 2's ... Dadda is free ... I'm free for the rest of the night!

tawni said...

Im laughing so hard at Eddies comment. Oh gosh, it it was only that easy. Im crying right now cause I have had such a horrible day with Sofia. I have finally lost it and have been in tears ever since. Nate had to take her down to the park so we could be separated for awhile. I dont know what to do with this stage. Sofia will be two in three months. I feel like ripping my hair out. I had to come and look up the name of the book again that you recommend cause I am ordering it right now. How am I going to handle a second child (no Im not pregnant) when I cant handle this one? A lady really upset me today when we were looking at a house to rent and she looks at my child and says "wow, she is active. Have you thought about putting her in pre-preschool? You should think about it. It would be good for her." I wanted to grab her by the hair but I didnt. I tried to tell myself she didnt mean "your daughter needs another outlet cause you, mom, are not meeting her active needs."