Friday, May 9, 2008

"that's SO 7th grade!"

I recently discovered some great new workout music to accompany my morning run -- and replace my "Greenday" obsession.

The band is:


and these are a few of my favorite tracks from their "Ocean Avenue" album.

According to my little bro (now a JR. in high school -- and my personal "latest music" consultant), they're "SO 7th grade"... but they totally rock! My personal favorite... "Way Away". I've got it timed so that it comes on as soon as I run into the park... so perfect..."Way Away" from the 'hood and into a nice green park with trees and a view of the river!

Seriously, though, I've kicked up my run-distance 2 more miles 'cuz of these tunes!


Amy said...

Oh, I like it! Thanks for the recommendation!

Great job on kicking your running rock!

Eddie Bujans said...

Cool recommendation. I'll have to check out the band.
I love running to the music of a Cuban band called Teimpo Libre.
Muy Caliente.