Friday, June 13, 2008

the graduate

Last week, Noah graduated from his pre-pre-preschool class that we've been attending this past year. It was a parent-and-me toddler class at the local YWHA that we loved! We met tons of great friends and Noah learned so much this year. He graduated with honors in knowing "The Days of the Week" (i.e. he was obsessed with that song and made the teacher play it EVERY time so he could do his crazy dance to it!) and now I don't know what I'm going to do when it's THURSDAY! and we're not going to "school."

But, we're excited for our pre-preschool class next year that he'll be attending and some of the same friends from last year will be there which will hopefully make the transition from me not being there a little easier :)

here are some pics of the graduate:

getting his diploma

(actually if you look close enough he's pushing it away! too good for that, aparently.)

the graduate

(in shock)

Class of 2008

video disclaimer: He was having an off-day this particular day, so the dancing isn't it's finest -- there's usually a signature finger-pointing move involved also. He was actually sitting at the table by himself in a bad mood until his teacher turned on the music and he got up and started boogy-ing.

here's what I caught:

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Amy said...

So fun! You are such a good mom, you do so many fun things with him. You inspire me!