Sunday, June 8, 2008


I know you've all been anxiously awaiting the news... I did it! I ran my first 10K and beat my "goal" time. My official time was 57:43. I had a lot of fun and it felt amazing to achieve a goal like that. It has really just given my workouts so much more purpose and helped to keep me motivated.

The weather really didn't cooperate... the high that day was 96 degrees or something ridiculous like that. It was the first really hot day of the year and a lot of seasoned runners were saying that they were almost 5 minutes over their usual time. I really didn't have anything to compare it to, but it's nice to think that I could've gone faster :) There were some pretty sick hills right smack in the middle of the route that kinda did me in and my legs were serious jell-o by the time I made it across the finish line. I had to keep moving them for awhile after the race, because if I didn't I probably would've just collapsed!

But overall, it was a great experience and I feel like I have definitely caught the running "bug" and the second I finished the race, I started thinking about the next race and trying to beat my time. I'm going to try a 5K in a few weeks at the Teterboro Airport runway... it'll be pretty nice to run down a nice flat surface this time!

here are some pics:


Noah trying to steal my medal!

cooling off after the race and eating bagels -- yum, carbs!


Reagan said...

jessica, way to go! that is so awesome! Cant wait to hear about your next one!

miggy said...

Congrats Jess! That's've inspired me. Maybe I'll set some running goals as well...good job!

Amy said...

I'm so happy for you!! You've inspired me to get back into running too! I need to find a race to register for to get me motivated! Good job!

Jade said...

That is so awesome Jess!!!

josh.sandra.ava.davis said...

way to go hot mama - that's such an accomplishment....and look AMAZING!

Amber said...

As soon as I read your post I put my running shoes on, loaded Ocean Avenue onto my ipod and started running. It was a terrible run but I've decided to save everyone on our beach trip from having to look at my sorry butt in a bathing suit...Here's to looking good for the Oregon coast!