Tuesday, August 26, 2008

elevator woes

I know I've posted about this before, but it is such a huge part of our daily life, that I feel like it definitely needs mention...

So, the elevator in our building is being replaced and will be out of order for about 6 weeks. It's extremely old and usually breaks down every few weeks, so this is a very good thing. And it's really not a huge inconvenience now that Noah can walk up and down the stairs on his own and we only live on the 2nd floor (not to mention that there are 3 sets of stairs that lead up to our building anyway!) But for those city moms out there, you know that you treat your stroller like a car and it can get quickly loaded up in a morning of running errands and it's just as heavy to carry up the stairs as when your child is actually sitting in it. Anyway, this is beside the point. Yes it's annoying to me, but we'll be out of town for most of the construction time and I'll be happy to have a brand new shiny elevator when we get back.

The other side of the story is how this is creating some SERIOUS anxiety in my 2-year old. I mean we're talking life-altering stress! All I hear about every day, all day, is how the "ell-i-gat-or is not workin'". So I am constantly reassuring him that the "workers are fixing it". But he demands his comfort friends "bear-sheep-blanket" and stands by the door listening to the drilling, hammering, etc. and tells himself, "it's ok... you don't have to be scawed!" Sad, right? Then it's TOTAL drama trying to get out the door. If I open it, he starts screaming and crying about the elevator even if the workers aren't even there. (I will admit, however, there is a creepy light that shines out the bottom of the elevator door while they're fixing it...) And I try to reassure him that it's ok, we'll just take the stairs. When I finally get him down the stairs (which usually requires me carrying him and the stroller even though he can walk perfectly fine) he tells everyone that he sees coming in the building that the "ell-i-gat-or is not workin'" and that they'll have to "take the stairs."

It's so crazy how their little minds work!


Amy said...

Oh, poor Noah! I love hearing your city mom stories...keep 'em coming!

BTW, did you know that Grandma and Grandpa are moving in with my parents?

Malesa said...

I feel for Noah. Creepy lights coming from elevator doors scare me too. Hopefully they will finish it before schedule for his sake.

Spence said...

That story really makes me not miss the city! Ayden would get so upset when our elevator would break down. So sad! We miss you guys! Ayden keeps asking when we are going back to New York because he misses Noah and Lexi.

lsnarr said...

Your elevator has always been creepy, that's why I take the stairs! I'm looking forward to the new model and I'm sooo glad you'll be out of town for the bulk of the installation.

I'm not even going to think about you having to carrying Noah and your packed stroller up and down those stairs, because it will make me nuts!!

Ellen said...

Yeah, I never understood the point of your elevator because you have go up a ton of stairs just to get to it.

It's so funny what kids take issue with. Poor Noah!