Wednesday, January 21, 2009

back to the blog

So, I really don't have any very good excuses for not blogging for the past month -- except for maybe the fact that my husband has worked the past 20 days straight without a day off (not that I'm counting or anything), it's been insanely cold/snowy here thus making it very difficult to do anything fun anyway, I'm 7 months pregnant with some serious nesting ambitions, and my 2 1/2 year-old could care less that I have no energy to keep up with him! (I guess there were a few excuses there.)

In any case... I apologize to the distant extended family that likes the blog updates and pictures. So, I thought I'd post a few pics that I never posted from Christmas and New Years and vow to do a better blogging job in 2009.

we love packages... and packaging!

I'm a succor for a kid in Christmas PJ's
(I think this might be the last year for the footsie ones for Noah, though -- he's a 4T now, yikes!)

the "Cars" obsession is solidified...

jammin' with uncle C's new drum!

trying out his new snowpants

building a snowman on Christmas day!

Noah's first sledding experience

never too cold for the playground

testing out the big kid swings

(luckily there was some nice padding underneath in case of a fall!)

loving the snow

a toddler's New Year's Eve party!

(snacks, snacks, and more snacks)

a little toddler karoake to celebrate!


Jessica said...

Yeah!!!Jess2 if you don't blog how else can I spy on you??!!! :)

vdg family said...

I love the pictures! Noah looks absolutely adorable!

Ellen said...

Welcome back! I have noticed in years past that January is the worst month for blogging, no matter who it is. I would love to see pictures of your pregnant self!

I definitely sympathize with the second pregnancy thing. Noah is a darling and looks super happy. I'm sure he'll survive any trauma from the pregnant mommy/new baby.

Amber and Mike said...

Is it weird that I could watch that baby counter thing all day long? It's mesmerizing.

Amber and Mike said...

Im sorry, but the baby #2 countdown image is a little creepy. It might just haunt me in my sleep.

geode cacher said...

Hi Jess! I love the photos--Noah is growing up so fast. Enjoy every minute alone with him--soon you will see him in a completely different light, the baby turned into a little boy. Have a nice rest of the winter!

Jade said...

I can't believe you are 7 months pregnant already! So nuts. Noah is totally cute - can't wait to see you guys!