Wednesday, January 28, 2009

big boy bed!

We've had a few transitions we've been trying to make with Noah before baby brother makes his debut... one of them being moving Noah to a "big boy bed". I've been so hesitant about doing this because he really has been an amazing sleeper and to this day has never tried to climb out of his crib (although he is perfectly able to). But I really wanted him to make the transition to a bed before the new baby came so he didn't feel like he was getting booted out of his crib -- even though that is exactly what's happening!

Gma and Gpa S. were generous enough to spring for his new bed and we got it on Saturday. Noah helped daddy put it together and then slept in it that night. I was seriously shocked as to how well he slept in it. I was a nervous wreck the whole night and couldn't sleep -- I had nightmares of him ending up underneath the bed, getting wedged between the wall and the bed, or even suffocating under his pillow. I kept going in to check on him all night... I did find him halfway off the bed the first time I went in. I think he dropped one of his stuffed animals and tried to get out to pick it up, but was too tired to actually get back in bed so he slept with his feet on the floor and his head on the bed! But other than that he was totally fine and actually slept in the next morning :) He's even napping really well in it and is going to sleep faster than he had been in his crib... I'm completely shocked.

I think he still hasn't figured out that he can get out of it because he's so used to us picking him up and putting him in bed and then getting him out after he wakes up. So, he has yet to actually start wandering around his room or even attempting to escape... KNOCK ON WOOD... but, whatever... I'll take what I can get at this point!
#2 on the transition list... potty training... HA! HA!

helping daddy


awake after a great nap!


hudgi said...

So cute! Graham also made a really good transition, and hasn't really had any setbacks (unless sick or teething:). I bet the extra sleep is here to stay!

Eddie Bujans said...

Wow. I remember when we moved Aaron to a "big boy bed." It was something else and I remember not being able to sleep all night, wondering if he was going to fall out of his bed or somehow sneak out of his room and out of the house.
Transitions - the spice of life.