Thursday, February 5, 2009

computer nerd

A few weeks ago my friend told me about a website that helps kids learn to read... it's called starfall. She claimed it to be one of the best guilt-free websites out there for computer time, especially if the kid can navigate the mouse on his own. I've been starting to do some reading games with Noah and he's been pretty into it, but sometimes he's just way to busy to concentrate. So, we checked it out... and it is awesome. He is completely obsessed with it. We tried it out together for the first few times because he wasn't quite that coordinated to do work the mouse on his own. But after about the 3rd try, he said, "Noah's turn?," grabbed the mouse and started clicking away. I was seriously shocked.

Now he's completely capable of navigating the website by himself which means he gets some quality pre-reading training and I get dinner made.

check it out...

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Amber and Mike said...

Computer Child prodigy...yes!