Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Central Park fun

We headed down to Hecksher Playground at Central Park a few weekends ago to enjoy some early-fall weather and family time. This is definitely one of our favorite Central Park playgrounds... there is so much to do it can really be enjoyed during any season (although the summer is our fav!).

Gabe opted for the swings while Noah went for the giant slide. We had a little picnic lunch, played in the sand, rode the tire swing, ran through the castle, and ended with a little family photo shoot... since for some reason we ended up wearing coordinating colors!


valerie said...

Jess you look awesome- exactly the same as I remember you! Your family is adorable- and we have that Phil n Ted stroller too- in blue!

stina6195 said...

Cannot wait until December! Although park season will be long over (unless you want to saran wrap the kids), I will be utilizing all of my Portland resources to find the best kiddo friendly activities...and some other ones that will utilize the willingness of the grandparents babysit :)

Eddie Bujans said...

The family looks great.
Hope to see you all in 2010.
The Bujans.