Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little Red Lighthouse Festival

We headed down to the river for the annual Little Red Lighthouse Festival a few weeks ago. We've never been for some reason as long as we've lived here, but I was determined to get the kids down there this year, even if it meant hauling the double stroller back up 3 serious hills by myself!

It was THE perfect fall day and even after a few bumps in the road (i.e. realizing almost all 3 of my stroller tires were almost out of air on the way there and Noah falling asleep on the way only to say that he wanted to go home as soon as he woke up when we finally arrived) I was glad we went. We had a little picnic, decorated a lighthouse cookie, did some hula-hooping, and enjoyed a reading of "The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge." Fun was had by all.

Noah (a.k.a Mr. Crankypants) waking up after a snooze in the stroller

(and not wanting to get out of the stroller for a 1/2 hour)

at least someone was happy we went!

fascinated by the lady on stilts

a little hula hoop action

boys + lighthouse