Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bike Derby

We headed up to gma's house one weekend in August for a little breath of country air and it turned out gma's ward was having their annual bike derby. I was pretty excited for Noah to have a nice open, flat space to ride his bike around on. He's used to dealing with lots of hills and stop lights in our neighborhood (and a baby brother in a stroller which complicates things!).

The kids got to decorate their bikes with streamers and name tags and then each age range raced each other. I was super nervous for Noah to race. The competition was pretty stiff with these other 4-year-old suburbanites... they have like cul-de-sacs and driveways to practice in! Needless to say, Noah came in last place - but he was none the wiser. He was just having fun riding around uninterrupted. Gabey high-jacked a baby bike from another little toddler and went joy-riding too. We had a great time.

practice lap with gma

the 4-year old line-up

Gabey: "bring on the 1-year-old race!"

post-race Capri-Sun

post-race tree climb

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