Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Great Pacifier "Pull": attempt #1

This was day 1 of our pacifier pull attempt back in August. He felt so deprived that he went through all his toys and found the toy baby that had it's own pacifier and quickly shoved it in his mouth!

He's doing a lot better now... only using it for naptime and bedtime... and the occasional church meeting! This kid is way more addicted than Noah ever was. I'm pretty sure Noah just naturally weaned himself from it before he was 1 and I figured Gabey would do the same. But it looks like it's gonna be a different story for him! I'm OK with it though, because he's still my baby :)

confession: he still uses a newborn pacifier because I refuse to buy those 'big kid' pacifiers - HA! who am I fooling?!?


Amber and Mike said...

I am impressed by your blog catch-up. You are a blogging fool! Wish we could see you guys at Thanksgiving. Good Luck!

Jessica said...

Jess, that photo with Gabe and the baby doll's pacifier cracks me up, true addict! Great pics, your blog is so funny!