Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas "wrap-up"

My last Christmas post, promise.

We really did have an amazing Christmas. It was so nice to be with my little family and make some nice memories. We have been seriously blessed and are so grateful for our family, friends, and knowledge of the gospel.

On a less serious note:)

Here's my top 5 for Christmas 2010:

1. If mom gets sick 3 days before Christmas, the whole operation temporarily shuts down.
2. Hosting festivities in your home = mucho housecleaning-o.
3. As much as I tried to avoid it... there's no way around staying up until 2am on Christmas Eve to get everything done. (picture: Jon with powertools putting bus-slide together, cursing me - I mean Santa!)
4. I never thought I'd "call Santa" on my cellphone SO many times before Christmas even came! I used and abused that one for weeks! And now I totally know why... As a parent, you're so stressed out with all the bazillion things you need to do to prepare for the holidays that one wrong move by your preschooler and toddler sends you into a Santa-calling/no-present-threatening/coal-giving mommy-grinch. Happy Holidays, right?
5. I think I may have even called Santa after Christmas was over so he could take back some presents too. That one only lasted a few days, until Noah was finally like, "Um, mommy? Christmas is OVER!" Oh yeah, sorry.


the stash

awesome kid-camera from Nana

the cool-4-year-old-present this year: Zhu Zhu pets!

new watch!

new wallet for Dad

surprise bonus present in the playroom!
bus = Gabeyheaven

awesome batcave from Grandma S
(i.e. a dollhouse for boys)

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Abbie said...

we need to figure out another character to call. birthday fairy? valentine bear? st. patrick leprechaun? there should be one for every month!