Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There is no doubt about the fact that winter has come to NYC! We've had a few pretty major snow storms already this season and it's only January. The first big one came the day after Christmas which was pretty fun. It was nice not to have to worry about getting Noah to and from school because he was on winter break. So, we just hung out in our PJs most of the day and played with new Christmas toys. I didn't manage to get them outside until that evening. As we were playing around in front of our building (it was REALLY cold! - Gabey hated it and was happy to hang out in the lobby while Noah and I kicked some snow around), Jon got home from work and we hit the sledding hill. One of our favorite perks of our new apt is the proximity of Fort Tryon park. There's an amazing sledding hill just a block away. Noah and I were the only ones there (because we were crazy enough to go after the sun went down!) and we had a blast!

all bundled and ready to go!

Daddy to the rescue!

first run down the hill

We headed up to gma S's house the next day for some more fun in the snow. They had several more inches than we had gotten in the city and it was so much cleaner there! Noah was pretty excited that he was the first one to make steps in gma's backyard. Uncle C was home from college and came out with us to enjoy some snow fun. This is the hill that I grew up sledding down. It's still totally fun. Noah also got to build the snowman he had been dying to build since the first snowflake fell. It was a pretty good one if I do say so myself! The best part about snow fun at gma's house was that Gabey got to nap soundly inside while we played!

Trailblazer Noah

Uncle C and Noah on their first run


gma's treehouse

"Jingle Bells" the snowman

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