Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jumpin' Jakes!

So, we headed up to gma & gpa S's house for a little time in the 'country' a few weekends ago. It's always nice to get out of the city spend some time up there with the fam. The boys always have a blast and this time was no exception. Actually it was probably the time of their lives!

We were having one of those brutally freezing March Saturdays and were trying to kill time after naps and before dinner. My mom remembered a new place that had just opened up in the old skating rink that I grew up going to (it was called "Upskate NY", awesome right?!? I actually never got the joke until I was in college). Anyway, now it's 'Jumpin' Jakes'. Those of you in the 'burbs might have lots of experience with these kinds of places and I'm super jealous! It was an indoor bounce house... and it was Gabriel's dream come true. Seriously, it was the best day of his little 2-year old life so far. The child did not stop moving... hence the blurry pictures!

Now they just need to open one of these in the city!

I think these are enough said:

***While we were at gma's, Noah had a funny observation. He asked me why everyone is always sleeping around gma's house. It took me a minute to figure out what he meant by that and I finally realized that he was noticing how quiet it was up there as compared to the noisy city! Hilarious.***

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snizzle said...

I didn't get the joke until the other week when I was talking to you on the phone when you were up there for Easter. I'm glad everything is going well for you sis.