Friday, March 18, 2011


Okay, once again... I'm re-committing myself to the blog. I don't know why I go through so many phases with this and just can't keep up any kind of consistency. But I've been motivated by my friend Sarah who recently printed her blog and since my children will have little to show by the way of baby books, I figure this may be their only shot at any recollection of their childhood! AND I want them to see that we actually did do fun stuff :)

So, here it goes... A hint of spring in NYC brought 60 degree temps and a must-do trip to the Central Park Zoo. We field-tripped it downtown with our friends E & A and had a lovely afternoon. My pics are terrible, as shown by the back of Noah's head in every shot (my goodness he has a big head!) But good times were had, nonetheless. And for a CPZ first, all of the animals were cooperating beautifully... we even finally saw that cute red panda up close. And check out the snow leopard... he's always hiding and he was finally out!

Hooray for spring and 60 degree weather in NYC. Now, if it would only stick around longer than a day, that would be something to blog about!

checking out the monkeys

snow leopard

a little duck trivia for G

we never got lost with these tour guides!


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Aubrey said...

I thought they were lying about having a snow leopard - we never once saw one and we've been to the CP zoo a zillion (like 6) times.