Saturday, May 28, 2011


It's SO on... I'm catching this thing up and I don't care if it kills me! (which it might because blogger is being ridiculous right now!) I'm totally motivated by a friend of mine who just printed her blog. My kids will have nothing if they don't have this... must blog NOW!

We had a lovely Easter this year (busy, but lovely). I threw a little Easter egg hunt together at 1am the night before and it was a smashing success. Jon was shocked to see what I had pulled together while he was snoozing away! We were leaving for Texas the next day to visit great-grandma Horey so we had tons of prep to do for that on top of the normal Easter preparations. Luckily my mom and dad came down on Easter Sunday and brought dinner with them (thanks guys!) We also celebrated Greek Easter that day (it's rare that they actually land on the same day) but we took advantage of that and had a traditional Greek Easter meal: lemon chicken, homemade Greek Easter bread, orzo pasta, stuffed grape leaves, and the random Hawaiian punch that my great-grandpa would always have with his meal. It's such a nice tradition and I'm so happy to start passing it down to my boys.

Easter has always been a really special holiday for me. It usually falls around my birthday and it's always a nice time of renewal and rejuvenation for me. I was baptized on Easter Sunday when I turned 8 years old and it's just a nice reminder of that day. It's also nice that Spring has finally come and we're enjoying warmer weather. And it's especially lovely to celebrate the Christ's Resurrection. I think my love for the holiday has definitely rubbed off on the boys because we had a great day together.

egg hunt: egg #1

egg #2 (not from the toilet bowl)

the stash: Spongebob for Noah, Dora for Gabey

the hunt

the cutie pies

the boys

Happy Easter!

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