Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mommy and Me at the Y

Gabriel and I participated in a fun Mommy and me class this past year (the same one that Noah and I did when he turned 2) at the YM & YWHA. We had a great time. I was so pleasantly surprised with his teacher this year. She was just so experienced, warm, and friendly towards the children and really made the year a great experience for Gabey. I'm hoping to sign Gabey up for pre-school prep next year so this as a good pre-school prep-prep class :) Hopefully Vicky will be his teacher next year and it will be a nice, smooth transition.

Our day consisted of art time, music time, dance time, bubbles!, snack/story, free time and circle time at the end. Gabriel's favorite things to do were reading stories in the book corner -- he would always, without fail, walk straight to the books and plop himself in my lap for the first 15 minutes of class. It's almost as though he knew he had some one-on-one time with me finally and wanted to take advantage of it. I kind of loved it :) He also loved playing with the trucks, sliding down the slide of the big block area, and catching bubbles during bubble time. He HATED the "We are the Dinosaurs" marching song for some reason and would start crying EVERY time we did that activity. He also wasn't a huge fan of art time, but had a nice breakthrough on the last day. All in all, it was a successful class and we had a great time.

art time!

this was a rare scene... he seemed to finally participate in everything on the LAST day, of course!

kitchen time

fireman Gabey

fireman baby!

bubble time!

last day party snack - chocolate cake

story and snack


playing horsey with Vicky


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