Thursday, June 23, 2011

birthday fun, part 2!

So, we jam-packed Noah's birthday fun into one long weekend and topped it off with cupcakes for his school friends, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, and super awesome presents from the fam! I was extremely exhausted by the end of the weekend (and pretty sick of making cupcakes by that point!) but whipped out some mini cupcakes for all 26! of his classmates. I opted for the minis because that meant I didn't have to make 2 batches, right?!? We topped the cupcakes with a monster eye-ball ring to continue the theme and brought them to school with Nana and Gpa-pa's help. The class was extremely well-behaved (you could tell they've had about 26 b-day parties at this point because it was a very regimented affair!) and they enjoyed my cupcakes. Luckily I had brought the extras because apparently the minis were not quite filling enough. Howard, the preschool director came and played the piano while we sang happy birthday and Noah felt extremely special on his big day. It was a really nice time.

Then we met up with daddy and headed to Chuck E. Cheese for some rainy day playtime for the birthday boy. We pretty much had the place to ourselves which is always fun.

We also opened presents from the family, which didn't disappoint. Thanks for the great gifts, everyone!


the extremely-well-rehearsed group shot with the birthday boy
(look at that class full of boys!!!)

the birthday boy :)

mom and Nana

Gpa-pa gets in on the action

daddy shows up for a group pic

Chuck E. Cheese fun!

Skee ball!

hopefully this will be the only time this will ever happen

the long-awaited "King truck"

new alarm clock

super awesome pirate diary from aunt Chrissy

super awesome detective disguises from cousin Eliza

sweet kid-laptop from Nana and gpa-pa

cool new razor scooter from gma s!

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