Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nana and Gpa-pa visit!

Nana and Gpa-pa flew in from Oregon to visit for Noah's 5th birthday in May. We had such a great time with them. We hit some new city sites that were fun for the whole family and vowed to start taking visitors to new places when they come. This adventure started out with a trip to Chelsea Market for thai food, gelato, and some wish-making in the fountain. Then we hit the Highline, wandered through the village and crashed at Bleecker playground for awhile. Then topped the day off with some cupcakes from Magnolia. I'm finding that if we plan some adult-time fun around a playground (and cupcakes) everyone can be happy!

(i.e. gelato)

this kid knows how to eat a cone!

making a wish

funky yellow Highline elevator

everything is a "slide" to Gabey

trying to run and hide from mom

on the lookout
Gabey and gpa-pa

playground fun

twisty slide dance

view from the Highline

topped the night off with some bedtime stories from gpa-pa

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