Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Noah's Monster Party

Noah turned 5 this year... so hard to believe! Back in September (when he was planning his May birthday party for some reason) he asked if he could have a "monster" party. Not knowing what that actually meant or how I might pull it off, I simply said, "okay honey, we'll see." As his actual birthday got closer and I started looking for other ideas around the monster party, I was perusing the party aisle in Target and came across a monster party theme! I quickly grabbed all of the stuff and loaded it into my cart -- done!

Soon the party planning started to come together and we had ourselves a rockin' party. Monster coloring pages, a monster mask craft, reading of "Where the Wild Things are", a monster relay, monster Bingo, cupcake monster face decorating, and a monster pinata! I decided to invite 4 boys and 4 girls so things were nice and even (and for the girls to fulfill my need to have a craft! -- they didn't disappoint). And other than the fact that Nana got sick on the morning of the party that she flew in for!!! :(, it was a roaring success.

Happy Birthday, Noah!

fun with the party balloons

working hard at their coloring pages
(I can thank Eli for teaching Noah how to color within the lines!)

Eddie being coaxed to do the craft... come on, it's fun!

I am lucky to have a crafty little boy!

reading "Where the Wild Things Are"

Monster relay race, step 1: wrap your partner up like a mummy in toilet paper

Monster relay race step 2: put on the monster feet and walk to the bean bag toss

Monster relay race step 3: bean bag toss!

baby Leo sleeping right through it all!


Lexi, our guest Monster Bingo caller!

monster face cupcake decorating

OR just eating the candy!

birthday boy and mom

Gabey holding his own


custom made pinata from the Domincan party store... so awesome!

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