Thursday, July 7, 2011

FHE Family Field trip: Chinatown!

We had a fun Monday night FHE field trip with the Copes during Jon's vacation week down to Chinatown for dumplings, playground fun, and good company. In all the time we've lived here, I've never been that deep into Chinatown! Noah had a little culture shock (even coming from our neighborhood which is mostly Domincan!). When we got off the longer-than-normal train ride, he kept asking if we were in China. When I reassured him that we definitely were not, he was still skeptical. I didn't blame him, honestly. You can't beat the diversity in the city even if you tried! I love it. We hit Vanessa's Dumplings (amazing!) -- the sesame pancakes were to die for -- and headed over to Hester Playground for a picnic and some playtime.

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