Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer reading: E.B. White

We started reading chapter books this summer and it's become a nice part of our routine for Noah and I to read a chapter a day while Gabriel naps. We started with the old favorite author, E.B. White and have gotten through 2 out of his 3 most popular books. Noah has even custom-made bookmarks for each of the books and we're hoping to finish "The Trumpet of the Swan" before we leave for our vacation in August. Noah pretty much never lets us miss a day which is helpful! Stuart Little has definitely our favorite out of the 3 books so far. I have a really nice memory of summer reading time with my mom and older brother when I was a kid and hope that Noah will have similar memories when he gets older.

I think we're going to try "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" next as a sequel to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" that he read in school with his class.

Any other suggestions?


Ambam & Pants said...

The BFG and The Twits! Those were my favorites.

Wilde ones said...

The Magic tree house books are really popular. You can find them anywhere - library or store - there are tons of them.

Abbie said...

Thanks for the suggestions! We're reserving some at the library. :)