Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Indian Road Playground

This playground has been on our list for a long time and it's crazy that we haven't gone before this summer! It just opened up last summer, so it's brand new and it's just the perfect playground for the ages of my boys right now. It has started to get a little tricky this summer trying to find things to do where both kids are going to be happy/entertained. Sometimes it's just easier to entertain Gabey because he'll scream the loudest if he's not happy! But sometimes it's much easier to entertain Noah because I'll pretty much hear about it for the rest of forever! But this playground was great! Swings for babies and big kids, a water feature for both ages, play structures for both ages, a large sand area, picnic tables, a reasonable amount of shade, and a little nice, clean grassy area that you could actually put a blanket down on (I know, shocking for NYC!). There's enough to do for both of them and it really is the perfect size -- not overwhelmingly big, but big enough to squeeze out at least 2 hours of fun. Which is just what we did!

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