Thursday, July 21, 2011

friday field trip #2: Rainbow City + Highline + Chelsea Waterside Park

Our second friday field trip of the summer was tons of fun. The second part of the Highline was finally opened and they celebrated by creating Rainbow City, "a 16,000 square foot interactive sculptural installation filled with colorful inflatable artworks designed to spread magic, luck, and friendship" (i.e. a super fun field trip for us!). I mean where else on this island will you find a free bouncy castle??? The kids had a great time playing with the giant balloons and bouncing around in the castle. Then we walked down the Highline to Chelsea Waterside Park (one of our all time favorite summer playgrounds -- I know I keep saying that, but it's a really good one!) and spent the afternoon splashing around and digging in the sand. Such a fun day.

Rainbow City
(view from the Highline)

G + E jumping in the bouncy castle

Noah and the giant yellow balloon

A + G post-meltdowns

cutie-pies waiting patiently in line to jump!

Noah and new-friend Gracie posing on the Highline

Noah "hanging" out at the waterpark

one way to stay cool!

lots of digging!
who needs the beach?!?

A + G playing mommy and baby


found some shade!

the monkeys


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