Friday, August 19, 2011

10 year anniversary: Puerto Rico!

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary last month! I seriously can't believe it's been 10 years. And what's more, I can't believe we've lived the last 9 of them in NYC.

Jon did not disappoint this year and planned an amazing adventure to Puerto Rico to celebrate. The kids spent the weekend with grandma (thank you!) and we had our little island getaway! We've been to Puerto Rico before so we decided to spend our whole time on one of the smaller islands -- hoping for more of a sit-by-the-beach-and-sip-lemonade kind of a trip. So we headed to Vieques for a few days. It was perfect.

I'll just list the highlights, lest bore you with the details!

-scary puddle jumper plane ride from San Juan to Vieques (Jon purposely did not give me ample warning about this leg of the trip -- yikes!)
-rented mountain bikes and rode out through the jungle to a small private beach! Saw lots of wild horses along the way...
-sat by the pool, overlooking the ocean pretty much every afternoon
-2-hour horseback ride through the small town, to the beach, and up through the mountains (kind of sketchy since our guide didn't speak any English at all, but luckily Jon did!)
-rented a jeep and hiked through the rainforest to see the Sugar Mill ruins (which were not as exciting as the pictures portrayed) but then we ran into these super cool local sea turtle preservation volunteers who gave us our own private tour of the area and shared their coconut splitting skills! (Jon's Spanish skills were once again very helpful!)
-kayaked out to the bioluminescent bay and swam with the dinoflagellates. Apparently the one in Vieques is the largest and brightest in the world. It was amazing!

All in all had a wonderful time re-connecting with the hubby and relaxing!

phew! I survived!

our hotel was super modern/funky and you could just hang out in the "living room" area and order food! A nice relaxing evening...

300 year old tree

random horse we spotted on our hike

our sea turtle watching friends!

the Sugar Mill ruins

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sonya d said...

Looks like a super fun trip! Looks like one of the "exotic" dates on your favorite show! Congratulations on 10 years. Quite an accomplishment.