Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hippo Playground + dinner out!

After our return from Puerto Rico, we spent a nice evening to re-connecting with the kids. We headed down to one of our favorite playgrounds on the UWS, the Hippo Playground. I love this playground... it was especially lovely on a hot weekend evening because no one was there! There's tons of shade and tons for both boys to do. Definitely the top of my list. And now there's an elevator at the 96th street subway platform which makes it much more accessible!

After spending some time at the playground, we started for home but quickly realized we wouldn't make it back without 2 little boys having hunger-meltdowns. So, we took a chance on a diner that we saw right on Broadway and 92nd... and it was awesome! It was obviously new and since when did NYC start catering to kids?!? There were huge flatscreen TVs all over the place blasting Nick Jr., the wait staff was friendly, they brought our food out quickly, and there were nice roomy booths for families to sit at. Yes, we paid about $15 for a burger, but it was totally worth it seeing as this was the first restaurant where my children have ever sat still, didn't throw a huge tantrum, and ate all of their food. They actually both started crying when we had to leave! We'll totally go back there.

G + his stroller = LOVE

spraying ants

sandcastle attempt #1: disaster

sandcastle attempt #2: success!


riding the hippo

dad and the boys

even daddy was hooked on Blues Clues

happy little G (at a meal!)

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