Sunday, August 28, 2011

meet the newest addition to our family...

No, I didn't have another baby... come on, it hasn't been THAT long since I've posted something!


"Miles Eli Horey"

Yes, that would be my old Cabbage Patch doll that Noah dug out of the stuffed animal pile. He's become completely obsessed with this thing for the past few weeks. He named it after 2 of his good friends and it actually feels like it's another member of the family -- like I really have 3 kids! I mean, this doll goes everywhere with us and has it's own baby routine! It has a nap schedule, a feeding schedule, and bedtime routine. He gets a nighttime diaper, has special allergies (like his friend Eli), and we even threw him a 1st birthday party! I'm kind of exhausted from keeping up with it all.

Just in case you're interested, Gabey is NOT a fan! Every night, without fail, after we've put Miles' PJ's on, swaddled him and laid out his blankets just right, Gabriel will run over pick him up and throw him across the room. Awesome.


Jess said...

I love that Gabey hates him! Maybe because Gabe sounds like my own precocious two-year-old. :)

sonya d said...

Love it!! Very age appropriate behavior for both boys.

deb said...

This is hilarious! What a fun story to remember and laugh about some day.