Sunday, October 2, 2011

Utah trip, part 2

Our adventures in Utah continued with a trip to the Children's Discovery Center in SLC, Liberty Park , and Cowabunga Bay (awesome).

The kids had a great time at the Children's Discovery Center -- it was a really fun place. The rock climbing wall, water table, and helipcopter on the roof were definitely favorites. We headed to Liberty park afterwards and had some fun on the amusement park rides (the super old ones that were around when my parents were kids!) and splashing around in the awesome water park.

Cowabunga Bay was pretty amazing. I was so proud of Noah for going down one of the big slides all by himself. It was just such a family-friendly place that it made the whole day so much nicer. I mean, "family changing rooms" -- you can't beat that! Gabriel enjoyed the lazy river and the pool the most. We even snuck in a trip to a Pizza Planet-like place across the parking lot (and added a second wristband to our arms for the day!) before heading to Price to meet up with Jon's family.

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