Monday, October 3, 2011

Utah trip, part 3

After spending a few days in the SLC area, we headed down to Price to meet up with Jon's family. It was so much fun to see more cousins, aunts, uncles, and another great-grandma! Jon's aunt has a fabulous home in Price with horses, 4-wheelers, a tractor, and a dog! The boys were in heaven there too. Jon's cousin has 2 little girls that are the same ages as my boys so that was really fun to get them together. They had a great time. Once again, the backyard reigned supreme as we were able to just let the kids play. No hauling around to playgrounds necessary.

We drove up the canyon on one of the days we were in Price and had a great time. Jon's aunt brought her trailor and loaded up the 4-wheelers so we were able to ride around on those (a 5-year old boy's dream). Such a nice day to relax and enjoy family.

After spending a few days in Price, we headed up to Park City, to enjoy the last part of our trip with Jon's parents and siblings. We rented a vacation home with everyone there and had such a nice time catching up. Baby Eliza (our little niece) is getting so big and it was really fun to watch the boys play with her. We also went up to the Alpine Slides and amusement park in Park City for a day. I had never been so that was a real treat. Noah LOVED everything about that place. I was super scared of the Alpine Slide, but I sucked it up and we all went down together -- even Gabey! Such a fun memory.


tractor time!

Grammy and her grandbabies!

Nana and the grandkids

ready to ride!

Noah enjoying the wilderness

Gabey wishing he could dive in!

cute cousins!

feeding Aunt Patti's horses

Gabey loving Aunt Patti's pup!

Noah and Raeley


Gabey and Kelsey

peek-a-boo with Nana

hotel swimming pool = awesome!
(even if it's 10:00pm and we'd been out ALL day)

the fam

Park City

Noah playing with Eliza

Gabey enjoying the view... and some ice cream!

Uncle Mike and cousin Eliza

Gabey on the train!

cooling off with an icee

mini golf

super trampoline!

Alpine Slide!

yay for vacation!

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Ellen said...

10:00 pm in the swimming pool? That's what I call treasuring the moment. I would probably be whining to get the kids in bed so I could relax :) You are an awesome mom!