Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun day at the Central Park Zoo!

This winter was kinda rough! We were plagued with a nasty stomach bug that everyone in our family seemed to get twice! Noah was the last to finally get it and it definitely took a toll on all of us. So, after getting a phone call from Noah's school that he was sick and needed to be picked up, we were quarantined once again. The next day was a half day for his school and the weather forecast looked amazing. After we determined that everyone was feeling much better, we ditched school and headed down to the Central Park Zoo. We needed this day SOOOO badly! It was the perfect zoo day -- not crowded at all, the animals were all out, and the boys were so ready for an adventure after being cooped up for the past few weeks. I really needed it too! Our daily routine can get so monotonous and it's just nice to break away every once in awhile and do something fun and different. We made a day of it as we picnicked afterwards and then hit a fun playground. Such a great day to re-charge our batteries and look forward to spring!

checking the map



polar bear!

the red panda was even out!

a little lunch

some tree-climbing

hanging out on the lawn

awesome slide at a nearby playground

topped off with ice cream!

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