Friday, March 16, 2012

Noah's Piano Recital

Noah has been taking beginner group piano lessons after school once a week and they had their first recital a few weeks ago. I thought group classes would be a great introduction to music lessons for him because he is such a social kid and that would be a great motivator. So far it has seemed to work out well. But I will have to admit that it's been funny to catch myself getting WAY too involved in his practice time. He gets really frustrated if I hover or correct him too much and then refuses to practice. (hmmm... flashbacks to my beginning piano studies with my dad?!?) So, I've had to take a step back and find some balance with my involvement in his practice time. I'll be honest, it's been pretty hard! But he pulled off a great performance at the recital and I was super proud!

relaxing with his buddies before the performance!

"Hot Cross Buns"

the very dramatic bow!
(much rehearsed by the teacher)

supportive little bro

post performance pic!

the piano class!

Noah and Ms. Chang

"Hot Cross Buns"

(so sad I cut it off before the ending bow... so cute!)

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