Friday, May 18, 2007

"Woman Falls Through Sidewalk Grate in Midtown"

Sometimes I have panicky moments about random things mostly having to do with my safety or my family's safety... and very often these thoughts come out as headlines in my head. (i.e. "Woman Burns Down Her Apartment Building Because She Forgot to Turn Off Her Curling Iron" or "Woman Falls onto Subway Tracks Because She Was Impatient While Waiting For a Train and Got Too Close to the Edge of the Platform.")

Unfortunately this headline "Woman Falls Through Sidewalk Grate in Midtown" came true for someone yesterday (click here for the story). This is actually one of my biggest fears about trekking around the streets of NYC. In fact I do everything possible to avoid them altogether, especially depending on the shoes that I am wearing (there's nothing worse that getting your heels stuck in those things!). And I have been scorned to no end about this fear from my husband and little brother. But now we know it can actually happen!

So, walk around those sidewalk grates even if it seems like it's out of your way!


snizzle said...

Your little brother??



The Silly Witch said...

Okay, so that totally freaks me out. You don't know me, but I lived several years in the city, and I just could never bring myself to completely trust the grates. I now feel validated.