Thursday, May 17, 2007

mother's day project

So, this year I attempted a mother's day project for my mom and Jon's mom. Since Noah's b-day is just a few days after mother's day (yes... it was an interesting day last year!) I decided to put together an album of pictures of Noah from every month of his 1st year. My SIL has done a similar project with her kids' pics so I thought I'd try and put one together for Noah also.

And in true obsessy-Jessie fashion I went a little crazy. But I am so pleased with how they turned out. I'm sure all of you that are reading have heard about this project and have had imput, lent me materials -- thanks Kendra and Sandra! -- and watched Noah while I ran around the city looking for materials -- thanks Ellen! -- so that I could actually finish it on time! (oh how I long for a Michael's in this city...)

I bought an accordian album and printed 12 of b&w pictures of Noah from every month of the year. Then I mounted the pictures on cute paper (hours spent in the Target scrapbooking section ) and cardstock. After a trip down to M&J Trimming and $30 later (you can't just buy 1 yard of ribbon) I found the perfect ribbon to label the months with. I embroidered (really just a glorified back-stitch) the names of the months into the ribbon under each picture. Then I changed out the original ribbon that tied the album together and added a cute polka-dot one to finish it off.

front: may to november

(back: december to may)

The album came in a display box, so I decided to decorate that also. I wasn't really planning on doing that, but it kind of just came together (after another Target trip to find the perfect letter-stickers for his name, of course!)

(note the detail of the green frame around his b-day #s... I couldn't just use the paper as a backing, I had to cut out a frame with an exacto-knife to mimic the framing of the sticker letters. I also had to have Kendra's scalloped trimming scissors to cut the edge of the blue paper to match the stickers. )

So, this is pretty much what kept me up until 11pm every night last week. But it was well worth-it. I love the way it turned out.

I have the materials to make one for myself, but I'm not quite sure how soon that is going to happen! (hopefully by his 2nd b-day!)


Christina said...

WOW! I hope your moms appreciate all your work on this, it looks awesome.

Julia said...

Jess, Those are beautiful! You are dang creative (you can scrapbook my children's lives for me).

The cake turned out so cute! what did you end up using for the caterpillar?

Jessica said...

hey, thanks ladies!

I ended up finding pre-made fondant at Wal-mart in PA that weekend. It was the perfect colors and WAY less hassle!

lsnarr said...

I've been carrying Noah's album around with me for almost a week now, showing everyone. It was quite a surprise, especially since you are always lamenting that you aren't crafty. It was the perfect m/day gift. I love it!!
your mom:-)

miggy said...

Jess that turned out way cute. Seriously . . . I'm sure the moms were quite pleased and surprised . . AND I think it was a really good idea to do the box as well. Completes the look.

snizzle said...

Yo. That thing is awesome. Mom was soo happy. It took some serious skill and I congratulate you on that.