Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nike + ipod = AWESOME!

For Mother's Day, Jon bought me the Nike + ipod sport kit that attaches to the ipod nano I recently got for Christmas. I finally received the shoe attachment in the mail last week, so I've been using it all week. And I must tell you it's the coolest thing ever!

You place the Nike sensor in your shoe and the ipod attachment in your ipod, then as you're running you can hear feedback -- your pace, time, distance, and calories burned -- anytime you press the center button. You can keep track of every run, track progress, set goals, and even challenge other Nike + users to races! You can set it on an open-ended workout, or there's even 5K, 10K, etc. settings so you can track your progress. And itunes has tons of workout music you can download that is even set up for the length of a 5K or 10K... so awesome.

I'm completely addicted and I've only used it for a week. It's a huge motivator to set goals for myself and really achieve them. I even found out that my "short run" that I thought was "a little over 3 miles" is actually exactly 4 miles! It's like having a personal trainer right there with me.

So, here's some news... I'm running the NYRR Mini 10K on Saturday! It's my first race ever and I'm super nervous/excited. I've really just been kicking up my daily run a notch and I realized that I needed a real goal. So, one day I headed out to do a full 6.2 miles and it felt amazing. So, I decided I need a real goal and I needed to just take the plunge and try a race. Hopefully I won't get trampled by the crazy marathon qualifiers!

My goal is to run it in no more than an hour (let's just say 59 minutes :)

stay tuned.


Amy said...

Good luck! I have found that having a goal for running is the best way to stay with it and to continue to challenge yourself. I'll have to check into that iPod running!

geode cacher said...

Hey Jess! My son Nicholas uses the system. He posted a Nike tracker on his blog so we can follow his goals. He downloads his milage to that so we can track of how well he's keeping to his goal. *idea here? He loves the system, too. Keep on running!

skt said...

dang're looking hot hot hot!