Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Happy Burt-day, dear Dad-dy!"

We celebrated Jon's 31st birthday this weekend. Unfortunately it wasn't as extravagantly planned as my b-day weekend was... sorry hun! In fact, most of the day was downright lame. (I really am sorry.) He spent most of the day doing manual labor... helping move our friends out in the morning and then re-installing all of our air conditioners with "professional brackets" (i.e. getting rid of the wood blocks holding them up in our window sills) as our managment company threatened forced entry to remove them if they were not installed correctly by Monday! And I spent the entire afternoon cleaning the apartment -- I mean REALLY cleaning... something that had been LONG overdue. lame, lame, lame. (except that I think the OCD in Jon secretly really liked the fact that the apartment was finally clean on his b-day!)

Luckily, we were able to end the day by going out to dinner that night. Thanks to the Bennions who babysat Noah, we were baby-free and could actually go to a restaurant without worrying if they would have a high chair or not. And again, the lame b-day planner that I am... I didn't even make reservations anywhere! I figured we would just go to one of our old fav's that we never get to go to anymore, but Jon really wanted to go someplace new. So, he found an awesome Argentine restaurant in SoHo called Lomito. The food was amazing and it was SO nice to get out alone together.

(And fortunately, Noah decided to wait until we got home that night to wake up vomitting and continue to do so every hour until 7am! At least he waited until after Jon's b-day :)

here's some video of Noah's rendition of "Happy Birthday!":

Happy Birthday! We love you.


Kendra Leigh said...

Yeah, I heard you say 'you're 31. and old." in that video. watch it, girl! :)

Amy said...

Noah's so cute! He's talking really well. I can't wait for that. Maybe then I'll at least know what my son is wanting instead of just hearing whining all the time!