Monday, August 4, 2008

little helper

Noah has become quite the little helper lately and I must say it's been really nice. Sometimes it's just SO much easier to do things myself than to patiently teach him how to be helpful. But lately I've found that just by giving him "small" little jobs that are still meaningful, he gets a huge thrill out of it and takes a lot of pride in his "work."
here are a few of his weekly chores:

setting the table for breakfast

setting out the chairs for our daily lunch-time "picnic"

helping with the dishes after dinner

unloading the groceries

pushing the laundry cart down the stairs

(just kidding, mom!)

changing the laundry

I'm seriously considering a chore chart... anyone had any success with something like that at this age? Why not train 'em young, right?

next job to assign: scrubbing the toilet!


Jessica said...

So I'm realizing how different "grocery shopping" is for you than me as well as laundry.Cool looking cart?! I'm with ya girl train em young!

Jade said...

Gotta love fresh direct :) I can't believe how big he is getting!

Amy said...

That's great that he's so helpful!

It's so interesting to me to see how you have your groceries delivered and do laundry downstairs. Such different living in NYC than the countryside, eh? I would love to trade circumstances for a week to see how you guys do everything. Wanna try California living? Hee, hee!